craze for oversized sunglasses

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craze for oversized sunglasses

Craze for oversized sunglasses

The craze for oversized sunglasses really took off in the nineteen sixties when they became a favorite of people like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. They started a trend for women wearing oversized fashion sunglasses and that trend is still in evidence today. These sunglasses are not restricted to women; men have also taken to wearing oversized sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses obscure much of the face and create a sense of mystery in the wearer.

Nowadays oversized is the craze. Oversized bags, oversized wedges and Oversized sunglasses. Look in any girl’s oversized bag and you are bound to find, along with the candies, oversized glam sunglasses. Men are more into oversized metal sunglasses; these are sometimes in wrap around or police styles. The candies foundation is big on oversized everything as they often outfit the stars – so you get famous male celebrities sporting candies Oversized aviator sunglasses and famous female stars wearing Oversized oval wrap sunglasses. It seems that the trend is, whatever you’re wearing, the bigger it is then the better it is. In every shopping mall and on every beach fashionistas of both sexes can be seen sporting the very latest in oversized bags, clothing and sunglasses.

Oversized it seems is taking over, the catwalks are filled with a succession of models carrying oversized bags and wearing a pair of candies oversized wrap sunglasses. Sunglasses have been the ultimate must have accessory for some time now and where the celebrities go the masses will follow and so we are seeing more oversized sunglasses on our streets and our beaches and in our bars. The big designer houses are really beginning to get hot under the collar at the amount of replica and knockoff sunglasses flooding stores and internet sites. Plenty of youngsters can be seen wearing Oversized fashion sunglasses dg channel, that are probably not the genuine article because of the designer price tag.

If you can afford a pair of genuine designer oversized sunglasses then you will need the right sunglass accessories to take care of them. Finding yourself a suitably sized eyeglasses case for Oversized sunglasses may not be easy, as most cases are made to fit glasses of a particular size. Probably the loose, drawstring type glasses’ case would be the best option for these big fashion items. If, on the other hand, you can afford a pair of genuine Oversize designer sunglasses then it is quite likely you will get a custom made glasses case to go with them.


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